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Risky Business : Crime costs retailers £3,863million

With crime in the UK costs the retail industry £3,863million* Loomis, a leading end-to-end cash management specialist, is urging retailers to be more vigilant with its cash security.

Figures show that retailers are losing £785million through a lack of security and loss prevention methods in place and with £39million lost each year through robberies and burglaries, Loomis is encouraging retailers to take action and think carefully about how they transport and store their takings.

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Loomis helps cut costs and improve safety for Fife County Council

End-to-end cash management specialist Loomis has secured a four-year contract with Fife County Council to deliver cash in transit and cash processing solution for the council. The contract will see Loomis collecting cash and coins from cash handling, council run establishments throughout the county, including schools, leisure centres, car parks and libraries, removing the need for employees to transport money. Loomis will also manage cash processing on behalf of the council as well as installing and managing safe facilities for holding cash on local government premises. Innovation

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