• Loomis SafePoint i-deposit Savings Calculator

    Find out how much time and money you could save through intelligent cash management!

    With the investment of just a few minutes, our free online calculator will illustrate the savings a Loomis SafePoint i-deposit can bring to your business.

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  • Feature - How can you tell if money is #counterfeit?

    Reports suggest that there are millions of fake bank notes and coins currently in circulation.

    In this feature, we'll look at the ways in which businesses and consumers can tell if the cash in their hand is genuine; reducing the risk that you will fall victim to counterfeiting.

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  • Feature - The future of the Great British Pound

    With a constant stream of new payment technologies reaching the marketplace, you'd be forgiven for questioning the role of physical cash in today's society.

    Where is the humble Great British Pound headed in the future?

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  • Feature - The relationship between banks and CIT

    Cash in Transit companies play an integral part in supporting a wide range of businesses, but for financial institutions, the need for an efficient cash management system is heightened.

    So, what key tasks do CIT workers undertake for financial institutions?

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  • Loomis ATM Services

    Whether you’re a bank that needs to provide ATM customers with an efficient, round-the clock service, or you’re an Independent ATM Deployer - our service is here to give you results.

    Good value, safe, efficient and built on good relationships and communication – our comprehensive ATM service is rapidly becoming first choice for banks and independent ATM deployers alike.

    Loomis ATM Services
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  • Loomis Special Services

    If you need bespoke services that involve the collection, transport or storage of cash, bullion, high value items or sensitive documents then we are here for you.

    Perfect for the challenge of an unusual location, out of hours, high value, or ad-hoc secure transport requirement, Loomis Special Services provide secure, efficient, tracked and insured services that give you complete peace of mind.

    Loomis Special Services
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  • Loomis SafePoint i-range

    Every business wants to make sure all the cash taken at the tills reaches their bank account. Few succeed – whether it’s inadvertently accepting counterfeit notes and coins, experiencing cash shrinkage or suffer attacks on staff as they walk cash to the bank.

    The SafePoint i-range eliminates all these problems - it’s a cash management solution that increases the profitability of your cash cycle.

    Loomis SafePoint i-range
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