Loomis SafePoint

Every business wants to make sure all cash taken at the tills reaches their bank account.

Few succeed – whether it’s because they inadvertently accept counterfeit notes or coins, experience cash shrinkage or suffer an attack on staff as they walk cash to the bank.

SafePoint by Loomis combats all of these problems - it’s an integrated solution developed to support retail and commercial businesses that routinely handle cash.

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Loomis - Managing cash in society.

Loomis is the UK’s premier cash management specialist and we help manage the public flow of cash in society.

We provide cash management solutions that save you money, protect you from fraud and attack, and provide the means to analyse your cash flow down to the last penny.

From secure money safes to intelligent smart safes, cash in transit or cash processing, Loomis supports businesses throughout the UK with crucial coin collection and delivery services, along with ATM management and replenishment services.

Our foreign currency processing service Loomis FX, and bespoke logistics division Special Services, round off our complete end-to-end cash management offering.

Call us on 0845 309 6419 to discuss a cash management solution tailored to your specific needs.

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