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Case Study - Matfen Hall Hotel

Set in 300 acres of picturesque Northumberland parkland and located 15 miles west of Newcastle, Matfen Hall is the ancestral stately home of Sir Hugh and Lady Blackett and began trading as a hotel in 1999.

The management team at Matfen Hall recognised that staff were exposed to a high level of risk when taking cash to the bank. Not to forget the time lost driving into Newcastle to deposit the takings, three times a week. They researched cash in transit companies and selected Loomis to support them.

Matfen Hall

Continued expansion and success brought with them increased cash takings, so following discussions with Loomis, Matfen Hall opted to install a safe on their premises to protect their cash while it awaited collection. A Loomis SafePoint secure with a drop safe mechanism was selected and staff were able to deposit cash while only Loomis could remove it upon collection.

This solution served them well for a number of years but in 2013, Matfen Hall wished to enhance their cash visibility and control and so began to research intelligent cash management systems.

Following discussions, they selected the Loomis SafePoint i-deposit as the best fit for their business. Loomis and Matfen Hall worked together to develop a local process, tailoring the SafePoint i-deposit to improve the security of on-site cash management.

“It’s great for staff. When they deposit cash into the Loomis SafePoint i-deposit, it is validated, counted and the device issues a receipt which staff place in their till for reconciliation purposes”, said Martin.

“For my team in Accounts it means that they don’t even need to prepare a paying-in slip as the SafePoint i-deposit consolidates all the cash deposits and produces a receipt for the Loomis custodian. Now that the processes are established and everyone knows how it works, when the driver turns up, it’s just five minutes for them to empty the safe and for us to complete the necessary paperwork.”

With SafePoint i-control, Martin is also able to monitor cash levels in real time. This web-based application comes with every SafePoint i-range solution and provides businesses like Matfen Hall with the ability to analyse their real-time cash flow from anywhere.

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