Covid-19 - Suspend Services

As you can appreciate, we are currently experiencing a high volume of requests for various services. In order to ensure we process all requests as efficiently as possible – we have created the below form that will assist in you requesting a temporary suspension of services.

Important: The current maximum suspension period is four weeks, we kindly ask that if you require a further extension that you come back and repeat this process as your chosen extension period comes to an end – this way we can scale our resource and ability to react in-line with customers’ expectations.

Once complete, you will receive a ticket notification advising acknowledgement of your request as we process it as quickly as possible.

Important: Once 3pm has passed on the day of request, we cannot make adjustment to that impending request.

Note: If you are unsure on your account number, it can be found on your Loomis barcode. Alternatively, you can locate this on your latest invoice from Loomis.
This will start 02 followed by a letter
If not selecting 'All Sites', this should be a numerical value and is usually four digits long, e.g. 0100. If selecting 'All Sites', please leave as 0000