myLoomis - Our New Customer Portal

Managing your account with us shouldn’t be such a task nowadays. To help our Customers and bring cash into the Digital Era, we’re introducing our myLoomis Customer Portal - Helping you to manage your cash needs from anywhere.

myLoomis Customer Portal - Where's the best place to run a business?

Manage your Cash and Coin Deliveries with ease...*

Once your account is registered with the myLoomis Customer Portal, you can manage your cash and coin deliveries from anywhere that suits you. Simply choose the denominations, delivery date and even set up your deliveries as standing orders - all from the comfort of your device.

* This feature is only available if Loomis make up your funds, if you don’t have that service, we would be delighted to talk you through the benefits

myLoomis - Customer Portal Benefits

Our Customer Portal is available to access on any Laptop, Tablet or Smart Device and can be managed at your convenience. Access for Multiple Users can also be managed helping you to distribute the workload.

Additional Benefits from using our Loomis Change Service

Once you are using your account, all cash and coin orders are managed via a simple and intuitive dashboard, allowing you to keep track of your cash flow and to know when to expect your next delivery.

myLoomis - Additional Benefits of utilising the Loomis Change Service

Manage your Account - Anywhere!

Administering and updating your account details is as easy as logging in an changing your details through the ‘View / Edit Account Info’ tab. From here, you can update your Name, Company Name and Contact Details, ensuring your account is accessibly by you and only you.

myLoomis - Online Portal Features

Connections to your account are encrypted at all times and we have also introduced an additional layer of security utilising Google Authenticator as a 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) system. Alternatively, you can authenticate via SMS messages using a verified mobile phone number held on record. This only has to be set up once and will be required each time you log in to your account.

Do you have questions about using myLoomis?

View a list of our commonly asked queries via our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Are you Interested in using our myLoomis Customer Portal...?

If you would like to start using the myLoomis Customer Portal, simply click the button below to sign-up!

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