Coin Collection and Delivery Services

If your business needs regular collections and deliveries of notes, floats and coins then look no further than Loomis.

If so, Loomis's coin services will ensure you have the coin you need, when you need it – and that all your surplus coin is collected, counted and banked securely as quickly as possible.

Coin Services - Coin Collection and Delivery

When delivering and collecting coin, we take full liability while it is in our care – and we offer you the same high levels of security as our normal Cash and Valuables in Transit service.

This reduces opportunities for fraud and protects your staff from the risk of high street attack – on-foot trips to the bank become a thing of the past.

Fast Coin Delivery

Ordering your coin is easy. You simply phone our 24-hour automatic ordering system to request your coin (and notes, if required).

If you place your order before an agreed time, then your cash will be delivered from your local Loomis branch the following day – in the exact quantities and denominations you asked for.

Secure Coin Collection

If you take a lot of coin from your customers, we can collect it daily or whenever you need to bank it.

We collect coin as part of our normal cash collections or use a specialist bulk coin vehicle, depending on the amount of coin to be collected.

Your coin is then processed at one of our coin centres and then deposited at the bank of your choice.

And if you need us to collect coin at short notice, just call us – we’ll be there within 24 hours.

Talk to us on Live Chat or call 0845 309 6419 to learn more and get started.


Cash & Coin Ordering

To place an order, call our Automated Coin/Note Ordering service on 0845 045 0330.

If you haven't used this change order service before and would like to do so, please speak to your account manager or servicing branch.

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