Cash Processing Services & Solutions

Getting your money checked and in the bank - fast!

Once you’ve collected cash from your customers, you need a fast, efficient way of counting it, reconciling it and depositing it in your bank account - that's where Loomis Cash Processing comes in!

Cash Processing Services and Solutions

When you ask Loomis to take care of your cash processing, you benefit from a network of specialist cash processing centres across the UK. There your cash and coin is counted by our specialist teams of cash processors - who are vetted in accordance with British security industry standards.

Our cash processing service can handle cash from multiple branches of national firms, right down to a small business with just one site. Any discrepancies in the cash you supply are quickly identified and resolved, and forgeries are systematically weeded out.

You also have access to cash processing reports which give details of processed cash from all of your premises, while our tracking systems give you total security every step of the way.

Loomis’s cash processing service is extremely flexible and responsive to your needs - we can provide consolidated cash to your bank either directly or via a bulk till. If you need multiple credits from one deposit, that’s no problem either.

If you use our SafePoint i-Range products our cash processing will give you access to till-level data - if you have other in-store systems, we can integrate our cash processing and reporting systems seamlessly.

Unlike cash processing services provided by banks, we can also count and reconcile non-cash items such as gift vouchers and travel tokens.

Business Benefits

Using Loomis cash processing services gives you these additional business benefits:

  • We can deliver to any central or local bank
  • Your bank may reduce its counter charges
  • Processing small volumes of cash isn’t a problem
  • It frees up your staff’s time
  • Your money reaches your bank account faster.

If you pair cash processing with our cash in transit service you also benefit from additional security while reducing the opportunity for fraud – your cash is exposed at fewer points of the cycle and your staff don’t have to risk attack by walking cash to the bank.

Cash Ordering and Delivery

Cash Ordering and Delivery

If your business needs to be supplied with cash, we can provide the money you need direct from our cash processing centres.

You can rely on us to supply banknotes of your required quantity and denomination – including new and ATM-fit notes for use in self-checkout terminals.

Phone ordering is simple and automated, and we can deliver the cash you need on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis (just give us 24 hours notice).

You can also rest assured that you will receive accurately-counted, forgery-free cash in sealed, secure, tamper-proof and barcoded bags – giving you complete peace of mind.

In addition to notes, we can also provide you with a comprehensive range of coin collection and delivery solutions – visit our Coin Services page to learn more.

Talk to us on Live Chat or call 0845 309 6419 to learn more and get started.


Cash & Coin Ordering

To place an order, call our Automated Coin/Note Ordering service on 0845 045 0330.

If you haven't used this change order service before and would like to do so, please speak to your account manager or servicing branch.

Cash Processing Presentation Standards

Guidelines on how cash/coin needs to be prepared before Loomis process it.

Loomis Presentation Standards

Should you have any questions please speak to us on Live Chat.

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