ATM Services

Loomis’s ATM services are designed to give you maximum efficiency and profit.

Whether you’re a bank that needs to provide ATM customers with an efficient, round-the clock service, or you’re an Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) for whom every cash withdrawal affects the bottom line, our service is here to give you results.

ATM Services for Banks and Independent ATM Deployers (IAD)

Even if you have very stringent time constraints for when your ATMs can be filled or serviced, we work within them. It’s just one way we work in partnership with you to offer the ATM service you need – delivered in the way that suits you best.

Good value, safe, efficient and built on good relationships and communication – our comprehensive ATM service is rapidly becoming first choice for banks and independent ATM deployers alike.

If you have a network of ATMs, you can cut running costs and increase efficiency with Loomis’s specialised ATM service.

Cash replenishment

Loomis can replenish ATM cash supplies and manage replenishment by basing it on the planned, scheduled or pre-determined balance of each ATM.

We can also respond to ATM centre or monitoring system requests for replenishment.

Full maintenance

Through select partners we can provide full maintenance to your ATM estate.

From cleaning machines and replenishing stocks of receipts right through to handling software updates and replacing parts.

Parts supply and management

We can supply ATM parts for all makes of machine, and our engineers carry common parts with them.

Hardware installation

We can work with your selected installation partner as you install or roll out new ATM hardware, managing the Initial Cash Load (ICL).

Cash cycle management and load forecasting

We can reduce your replenishment costs with our cash cycle management and load forecasting service – reducing the number of replenishments while maintaining optimal cash availability.

We can also provide cassette management – keeping down the costs of using them.

Intelligent lock installation and management

If you want fully audited access control, we will work with selected partners to replace existing ATM locks with intelligent locks.

Operated by one-time access codes they allow replenishment and maintenance staff to enter the ATM safe with full central control.

Bulk till management

Because we hold bulk cash on behalf of UK banks within our cash centres, we can manage your bulk till.

Reducing cash movement by recycling returned banknotes and making our cash replenishment more efficient.

Depository collection, processing and banking

If you need funds transferred from a drop safe we can deliver it to your chosen bank or process it and credit it to your bank account.

You don’t have to choose our whole ATM offering – you can select from any of our service-offerings and even combine them with your existing arrangements to keep your ATMs running efficiently and trouble-free.

Talk to us on Live Chat or call 0845 309 6419 to learn more and get started.


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