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Loomis Supporting You

How we support you

If your organisation's activities involve cash, Loomis’s cash management solutions are here to help you manage it securely, efficiently and more profitably.

As the UK’s premier cash management specialist, we’re able offer you secure and technologically advanced cash solutions to support every stage of your cash cycle.

Our solutions will save you money, protect you from fraud and attack, and allow you to analyse your cash flow down to the very last penny.

Flexibility of service

Our services are built on strong relationships. No matter which sector you belong to, or what your requirements are, we work with you continually to refine the cash management solutions we offer – giving you the best long-term value.

If you need cash in transit at short notice, cash collections of varying or smaller amounts, or simply want to pick up the phone to talk to your account manager – we’re here, and we’ll provide a quality and value of service that we don’t believe is on offer elsewhere.

Risk management – keeping you and your cash safe

Profits are important, but so is your safety – and that of your staff. We have a dedicated risk team to monitor all our activities, based on the fundamental principles of balancing risk and profit and making sure no life is lost or person is injured.

And with fully trained staff and some of the best equipment and procedures available, we keep risk to the minimum – and make your employees' workplace much safer.

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