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Loomis catches Cash In Transit thief purple-handed

Leading end to end cash management solutions provider, Loomis has succeeded in bringing about the UK’s first ever convictions utilising the innovative security and identification qualities of its SigNature DNA Cash Box; following their capture by the Metropolitan Police, two men have been sentenced to prison for stealing thousands of pounds from a shop in London.

The SigNature DNA Cash Box is only used by Loomis in the UK. The botanical purple dye contains a unique DNA signature developed and supplied by Apllied DNA Sciences,which is embedded and released when the Loomis Cash Box is disturbed. The box was being used at a clothing store in London, where the men became indelibly marked by the DNA ink while stealing the takings from the shop.

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A Peri Peri contract! Loomis manages Cash in Transit for Nando’s

Loomis, the leading end-to-end cash management specialist, has secured a two-year Cash in Transit (CIT) contract with popular restaurant brand Nando’s. As a result of being able to prove its exceptional service level, Loomis will now provide cash collection and secure transportation services to all 213 Nando’s sites throughout the country. Nandos

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Loomis extends its tasty contract with Domino’s

Loomis, the leading end-to-end cash management specialist, has secured yet another tasty contract win with pizza franchise Domino’s Pizza. As a result of its competitive pricing model and ability to save the customer money Loomis is now providing secure cash in transit services for 80 Domino’s Pizza stores around the country. Dominos

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