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Swift investigation leads to arrest following cash in transit robbery

On Saturday 26th July 2014, a Loomis Cash In Transit custodian was attacked in the Shirley area of Birmingham.
Two males ran at the Loomis custodian, one armed with a hammer, and snatched the cashbox he was carrying.
The attackers escaped in a black Ford Focus, which had a partially obscured number plate.
However, following an investigation by West Midlands Police, an arrest was made on Sunday 27th July; the person has been charged and remanded in custody.
Rob Johnson, Loomis' Head of Risk, commented; "This is a very good piece of work by the West Midlands Police, which has resulted in the arrest of this criminal. This was helped by the dye systems that we use in our IBNS boxes and the DNA Technology that we also use should help the Police to convict".
Embedding SigNature DNA markers into the liquid dye used in its IBNS boxes provides a method to trace the origin of stolen cash and to quickly detect and forensically authenticate the recovered cash.
SigNature DNA markers are being incorporated into the degradation inks used in cash boxes. SigNature DNA is automatically sprayed onto the enclosed currency along with an intense dye whenever a Loomis Cash Box is disturbed, resulting in both the money and offenders being contaminated.
SigNature DNA forensically links an offender with an individual crime scene, meaning they cannot deny their involvement.

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