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Security industry praises Loomis custodians

Two valiant Loomis Cash-in-Transit custodians have been recognised by the British Security Industry Association with Special Awards for Outstanding Service.
The 2010 BSIA awards, sponsored by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), acknowledged particularly courageous actions or commendable behaviour displayed by custodians during the course of their duties.

The custodians have been rewarded for their actions while replenishing an ATM in Longton, near Preston.

As one of the custodians was conducting his final trip from the vehicle to the ATM bunker, he was approached by three attackers armed with a machete and crowbar who proceeded to stab him in the legs.

The custodian shouted to his colleague inside the ATM bunker, who opened the bunker doors for the attackers. They then entered and demanded that the safe be opened.

The custodians explained that they could not do this and, instead, offered them the money that they had brought into the bunker. As a result, the attackers again stabbed the wounded custodian, causing him to scream out in pain. This unnerved the attackers somewhat, and caused them to step back into the ATM airlock.

The couriers seized this opportunity and quickly shut the internal airlock door, therefore preventing the attackers from gaining further access. An alarm was triggered and the attackers fled to a nearby waiting vehicle.

BSIA chief executive James Kelly commented: “The Cash-in-Transit couriers receiving these awards have demonstrated outstanding bravery in their line of work. They’ve been faced with extremely violent and traumatic situations, and their ability to remain calm and level-headed is testimony to both their training and strength of character.”

Speaking at the BSIA Annual Luncheon and Awards ceremony, Kelly added: “I applaud them for their actions, and for being prepared to perform this essential public service in such a proficient manner.”

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