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'Pennies for Life' sets new UK record

MicroLoan Foundation, the Chiswick-based charity which provides small loans and guidance to women in sub-Saharan Africa, has announced that over £40,000 has been raised during the ‘Pennies for Life’ record attempt at Chiswick Community School on the 9th and 10th July.

A total of five hundred volunteers participated in the attempt, lining 7.22 miles with 571,824 individual pennies, potentially setting a new UK record.

Loomis is proud to have been able to support MicroLoan and the "Pennies for Life" project.

Gabby and Kenny Logan add to the line of pennies with other ‘Pennies for Life’ volunteers.

The record attempt was attended by students and teachers from Chiswick Community School, local residents and well-known West London figures including Chiswick MP Mary Macleod, television presenters Gabby Logan and Ray Stubbs, and the actress Niamh Cusack. “We were delighted so many students, teachers and parents gave their time as well as money to support ‘Pennies for Life’ and women in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Tony Ryan, Headmaster, Chiswick Community School.

Having achieved its goal of raising £40,000 during the attempt, MicroLoan Foundation now needs continued support for the ‘Pennies for Life’ campaign to reach a target of £100,000; enough to provide loans to 130,000 women in rural sub-Saharan Africa.

“Although we ultimately fell short of achieving the Guinness World Record the Pennies for Life record attempt was a tremendous success, raising over £40,000 for the charity and my heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who volunteered their time to raise such an enormous amount of money,” explained Peter Ryan, CEO, Microloan Foundation.

“Pushing on to reach £100,000 would enable us to provide support for over 130,000 women in rural sub-Saharan Africa for many more years, as we are able to recycle the loans once they have been repaid. Please continue to show your support for the Pennies for Life campaign!"

Ryan continued, "The ‘Pennies for Life’ event was made possible by the generosity and support of many people and organisations, and the MicroLoan Foundation would like to thank Metro Bank, Loomis, Securitas and Media Plant in particular."

About MicroLoan
The MicroLoan Foundation is a specialist ‘not for profit’ UK microfinance charity that provides microfinance (small loans of on average £70), business education and ongoing mentoring support to impoverished women in sub-Saharan Africa. This provides them with a “hand-up not a hand-out” so they can develop self-sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families, and work their own way out of poverty. 99% of the loans are repaid and then recycled in full to help more women year after year.

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