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Loomis utilises SugarCRM to enhance customer experience

Loomis UK, the cash-handling specialist, has saved thousands of pounds by switching to the open source SugarCRM product.

Loomis runs a hosted version of SugarCRM, supplied as an annual software subscription from Redpill Linpro, a provider of professional open source services and products in the Nordic region.

SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source

The company has used software for two years to support its commercial team. At the outset, Loomis needed a CRM product that could be customised to ensure close, professional customer contact. The Loomis management team needed a tool that could present an overview of commercial activities, and the commercial team needed better knowledge-sharing to reduce wasted time in their day-to-day work.

Given that SugarCRM is open source, Redpill Linpro was able to create a bespoke version of the system relatively cheaply.

"There are a limited number of customs fields in, where in SugarCRM there are no limitations," said Kristan Sandeberg, product manager at Redpill Linpro.

Modifying would have been costlier because it is not open source. The supplier needs to make code changes, which can cost thousands of pounds.

Storage was another factor for Loomis. A single file in the CRM system can easily take up 50Mbytes of storage. Alex Pettefer, marketing director at Loomis, said, "SugarCRM is much more cost-effective in terms of licensing."

"Our switch to SugarCRM means we are now even better equipped to deliver excellence in customer service while ensuring our teams stay fully up to date on individual customers' situations and customise offers and services to their needs," says Pettefer.

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