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Loomis UK exceeds carbon reduction targets

Loomis UK is proud to announce that it has exceeded its own initial carbon reduction target for its Cash & Valuables in Transit service. These reductions have been certified by the Carbon Trust.

As the UK’s premier cash management solutions provider, Loomis set out in 2011 to accelerate the efforts it was already making towards operating as a lower carbon business.

With the environment firmly in mind, Loomis engaged with the Carbon Trust to support it in achieving greater reductions of its carbon footprint and ensuring compliance with best practice.

This commenced with Loomis working to acquire the Carbon Reduction Label - the first step in this was to have the Carbon Trust certify the total greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of Loomis’ Cash & Valuables in Transit service, including packaging, transportation and processing.

To qualify to display the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, Loomis had to have the carbon footprint of its service certified to PAS 2050, a specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services.  The carbon footprint was also certified against the Carbon Trust’s Code of Good Practice and Footprint ExpertTM Guide.

Once certified Loomis worked with the Carbon Trust to set a target reduction in emissions and developed a strategy to engage, communicate, and implement carbon management throughout the whole of Loomis UK.

As part of this strategy, drivers were trained in more environmentally considerate driving techniques and Loomis committed to the reduction of electrical use within its branches/offices nationwide. To ensure that all this happened, Green Champions were selected to monitor, improve, and drive the environmental policy throughout Loomis.

Two years on and the Carbon Trust has certified that Loomis UK has measured and achieved a reduction in the product carbon footprint of its Cash & Valuables in Transit service and that the project has met all the requirements for using the Carbon Trust Carbon Footprint label.

Carbon Trust Reducing CO2

Brian Saleh, Loomis UK Health & Safety Manager said of the result - “The aim of the accreditation in 2011 was to reduce our carbon emissions by 5% over five years against the 2011 baseline.” 

“In 2013 our reduction figure was measured at 2.8%, this figure represents a 29% reduction over and above our target figure.  This is clear evidence that the commitment shown by Loomis UK is reducing our Carbon Footprint. ”

Kenneth Högman, Country President of Loomis UK, said; “In 2011, we formally committed to reducing the impact that Loomis UK had on the environment through a strategic partnership with the Carbon Trust.”

“Two years later, Loomis UK is proud to announce it has not only met the targets it set but exceeded them – this is good news for Loomis UK, for our loyal customers and most of all - our environment.”

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said: ”As a company with a reputation for security, Loomis is helping to make our climate more secure by taking action to reduce the carbon footprint of its services. By using the Carbon Reduction Label and making a commitment to measuring and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in its Cash & Valuables in Transit service, Loomis is demonstrating leadership and setting an example to the security industry, customers and the general public.”


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