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Loomis UK announces Leasing division

As part of an ongoing strategic development, Loomis UK have formally introduced an in-house, group-funded leasing programme.

Loomis see the programme as an extension to the ethos of providing customers and partners with a ‘best in class’ value proposition - not only through core offerings such as CViT and cash processing, but by also providing a closed loop cash management solution incorporating new technology innovations and services.

In taking the programme to market, Loomis have examined the many financial and technological benefits to customers looking at this alternative payment vehicle, which include:

  • Improved Cash Flow - Instead of one substantial payment, the cost of the acquisition is spread over a number of regular payments. These payments can be set to match individual requirements, including seasonal cash flow circumstances.
  • Fixed Payments - Payments are fixed for the term of the contract. Customers are protected from changing interest rates, enabling accurate budgeting and cash flow projections.
  • Cost Efficient – It is advantageous to pay for technology over the period that the system or asset is delivering benefit to the business. Payments can be structured so that they match the realisation of the benefits in terms of increased income or cost savings.
  • Technological Change - The flexibility of a lease allows you to upgrade ageing or obsolete equipment for more technically advanced products.
  • Choose The Equipment Needed - When leasing, you are not limited to acquiring the equipment you can afford to pay at the time. Regular periodic payments enable you to select the equipment that is most beneficial for your business.
  • Easy Equipment Disposal - At the end of term, equipment can be returned to the lessor avoiding equipment disposal issues or costs.

“We have recognised that in the current economic climate, when many businesses are looking to preserve existing credit lines, funding restrictions can delay and often prevent necessary expansion plans”, says Loomis Commercial Director Stuart Bartlett.

“It is the security technology arena that this leasing programme was developed to support. The focus is on facilitating the provision of core products within the SafePoint range, as well as other cash related products and technologies. A tailored payments model that presents our customers with a truly competitive offering that can be structured according to their individual requirements“

Recently appointed at Loomis, Jason Muir, Head of Business Leasing adds,

“Many of our customers, who work in retail, leisure or any kind of seasonal business, are looking for a more bespoke solution that takes into consideration the peaks and troughs of their revenue streams and holiday periods etc This will not only assist in their budgeting process but also protect cash-flows at a time it is paramount.”

“In addition to funding our own products, the programme is also intended to support key third party partners by presenting a flexible finance offering for their product range - be those ATMs, CCTV systems or any other technology based security solution”, Muir continues.

In working with Loomis, vendors will be able to approach their customers with a unique offering that may well provide the competitive edge that will help to overcome possible budget objections, thus enabling the sale and offering the customer the ability to acquire what they need rather than what they can afford.

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Loomis UK offers safe and effective solutions for the distribution, handling and recycling of cash for banks, retailers and other commercial companies.

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