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Loomis launches SAFEPOINT i-range

In an environment where retailers are currently struggling to maintain profitability due to weak sales and fraud, Loomis’s range is designed to give the retailer complete control and visibility of their cash from the moment it enters their till through to the point it arrives in their bank account – providing confidence to plan for tomorrow.

Fraud is thought to be one of the major causes of loss, accounting for 35 per cent of all retail losses last year*. Able to detect and reject fraudulent cash and coins, Loomis’s SAFEPOINT i-range has the ability to almost completely eliminate cash fraud.

Developed in conjunction with its customers, the Loomis SAFEPOINT i-range is a tailored series of cash control solutions which includes note validation, back office recycling and completely closed cash handling – all managed by a web-enabled software platform. 

SAFEPOINT  i-deposit is an intelligent note deposit solution for improved cash security, cash management and can provide same day settlement. Bundles of up to 50 notes can be deposited into the unit which validates the notes and rejects any counterfeits. The cash cannot be removed and the notes deposited are not accessible to anyone until collected by Loomis, creating an effective closed cash handling system. The real time cash levels can be monitored using SAFEPOINT  i-control.

An industry first, Loomis is now working with the Royal Bank of Scotland on a proof of concept same day settlement service. The proof of concept is scheduled to run for a limited period with a select number of clients. The combined offerings will provide customers with working day value, improving their cash flow and allowing a retailer to use its profits more quickly.

Ian Watkinson, Director of Product Development GTS UK, at Royal Bank of Scotland said;
“The Intelligent Deposit Safe proof of concept involves clients using a SAFEPOINT i-deposit unit with an integrated same day settlement service. Cash flow is absolutely critical for businesses of all sizes and with the current economic climate, it has become even more so. The proof of concept is designed to test with clients the future viability of RBS providing a combined proposition to the market.”

Alex Pettefer, Marketing Director at Loomis said;
“The Retail industry has long sought the possibility of same day settlement – certainly many businesses view it as a utopian solution. As we work through the proof of concept with RBS, Loomis is confident that the visibility and control retailers will have over their cash will have a positive impact on their businesses.”

Linked to an existing ePoS system, SAFEPOINT i-pay is a closed cash handling and recycling solution for the checkout which can be used as a traditional manned checkout or as a self service payment station. Paired with a secure back office transfer unit a cash secure store is created.

SAFEPOINT  i-station is a combined deposit and dispensing back office system which can provide efficient and secure cash recycling functionality. The system can dispense a pre-defined mix of denominations at the commencement of each day or shift automatically counting and authenticating the notes and coins before delivering a receipt. The unit accepts and sorts notes and coins in bulk and can contribute significant savings in the reduction of cash in / cash out services through in-house cash management and recycling.

SAFEPOINT i-control is a web based application which provides the ability to control and monitor the cash handling process online. Real-time data from every SAFEPOINT cash handling system can be accessed dependant on user rights. Comprehensive reporting includes cash levels, refilling reports, cash flow for all denominations to help plan change purchase, automated end-of-day accounting and fill reporting of cash deposited and picked up by Loomis. It also monitors the systems for maintenance and provides automatic software upgrades.


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