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Loomis catches Cash In Transit thief purple-handed

Leading end to end cash management solutions provider, Loomis has succeeded in bringing about the UK’s first ever convictions utilising the innovative security and identification qualities of its SigNature DNA Cash Box; following their capture by the Metropolitan Police, two men have been sentenced to prison for stealing thousands of pounds from a shop in London.

The SigNature DNA Cash Box is only used by Loomis in the UK. The botanical purple dye contains a unique DNA signature developed and supplied by Apllied DNA Sciences,which is embedded and released when the Loomis Cash Box is disturbed. The box was being used at a clothing store in London, where the men became indelibly marked by the DNA ink while stealing the takings from the shop.

The SigNature DNA was successfully used in a UK Court as forensic evidence by the prosecution. The DNA evidence submitted to the Metropolitan Police linked the criminals to the crime, and left no room for reasonable doubt. The two suspects pled guilty and were sentenced to prison - five years for one and eighteen months for the other. The criminals were found with SigNature DNA-marked notes and the identical taggants marked their clothing, skin and mobile phones.

The men were caught when they attempted to spend the cash; the SigNature DNA-stained notes were picked up by the bank, removed from circulation and traced back to the suspect.

“The successful identification of this suspected criminal through the detection of the SigNature DNA dye is a landmark milestone for the prevention of cash theft,” commented Tony Benson, UK Group Risk Director for Loomis. “The Loomis Cash Boxes, which contain SigNature DNA provide our customers with a proven cash security method and deterrent.

“Last year in the UK alone, theft cost the retail industry £2868 million*. The use of the SigNature DNA Cash Box in this Yorkshire retailer is proof that the industry could potentially save millions each year in otherwise stolen cash.”

Official police reports confirm that the cash was washed to remove the dye, with no impact on the DNA markers. Even after washing, the stains were detectable on multiple notes, providing crucial and court admissible evidence against the accused.

Loomis is the first company in the UK to use SigNature DNA in its Cash Boxes. Having introduced the product to its Cash Boxes in 2009, this incident has proven its success. The boxes contain a mix of SigNature DNA combined with invisible dyes that leave behind a detectable stain. The SigNature DNA is sprayed onto the currency within the Cash Box whenever it is forcibly accessed.

Benson continues: “Loomis uses SigNature DNA in its cash boxes to ensure that when cash is stolen it is stained with the DNA; criminals who come into contact with the cash are also stained with the DNA. This is a significant deterrent to criminals, as they stand a far greater chance of being caught and convicted if they attempt a robbery of Loomis managed cash.”

Offering superior qualities in comparison to competitor products, Loomis has now won an award from the International Association of Currency Affairs for its use of the SigNature DNA.

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* Source: Centre for Retail Research

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