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Exhibiting at world's first Carbon Footprinting Gallery

Loomis are currently exhibiting at the The Carbon Trust - Carbon Footprinting Gallery.

The exhibition, the first of its kind, runs from 2nd – 4th of April at the Future Gallery, London, and celebrates companies that are pioneering and shaping the future of carbon footprinting.

Through displays including an army of concrete jelly babies, a pig on wheels, a sack of potatoes and a bubble machine, the Carbon Trust gallery showcases how a diverse range of brands including BT, Danone, Dyson, The Football Association, Formica Group, The Go-Ahead Group, Greener Planet, Loomis, Manchester United, SodaStream, Tarmac, Tesco, Walkers and Whitbread, have reduced the carbon footprint of their products, services or organisation.

The brands exhibiting recognise that everything we buy, produce and use has a carbon impact, and that helping customers to make more environmentally friendly choices when they shop is becoming increasingly important.

Some brands are also working to reduce the carbon footprint at an organisational level by implementing energy-saving measures such as intelligent lighting controls and staff engagement programmes.

Loomis exhibit at world's first Carbon Footprinting gallery

The Gallery opens as new research from the Carbon Trust explores Generation Y’s attitude to climate change and carbon reduction, revealing that young people favour brands that can demonstrate they are working hard to reduce their carbon emissions.

The study, which questioned over 2,500 young people across five continents in Brazil, China, South Africa, South Korea, UK and the USA, found that 70% of respondents would be more loyal to brands that show evidence of working to reduce their carbon footprint, and a third (33%) would buy a more expensive product if it had a smaller carbon footprint. A half (49%) of young adults questioned were even prepared to stop buying a product if its manufacturer refused to commit to measuring and reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

Tom Delay, Chief Executive, Carbon Trust says, “We created the Gallery to inspire people to take a fresh look at carbon, and shine a light on brands that are taking positive action to limit their environmental impact. The diversity of the exhibits in the Gallery reflects the broad range of industries that are now taking carbon seriously, and using carbon footprinting as an important first step on the journey to managing their environmental impact. Our research underscores the growing interest in the environment among young adults around the world, and an increasing awareness of the carbon impact of their purchasing decisions. Forward-thinking brands that are already working to measure and reduce their carbon impact will be well-placed to respond to consumer demand for evidence of low carbon action.”

Take a look at the rest of the exhibits on The Guardian website.

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