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Business Telegraph release Loomis UK video

The Telegraph's Business Club will launch a short video on Loomis UK on Wednesday 14th September.

In the film, Loomis Directors talk about the company, the present economic downturn, and how as a result it has been developing innovative and secure solutions in response to clients needs.

The Telegraph Business Club


The directors reveal how this approach has placed the company in a strong position for the future.

As part of the 'Secrets of Success' series, Loomis were selected to provide a case study about a world-class service provider in cash handling.

Loomis has a long and famous tradition and provides viewers with a compelling and relevant insight into the business and how it differentiates itself.

About Loomis UK
Loomis UK offers safe and effective solutions for the distribution, handling and recycling of cash for banks, retailers and other commercial companies.

As part of an international network, Loomis has more than 370 branch offices in 14 European countries and the US. Globally, Loomis has approximately 20,000 employees and a turnover of 1.1 billion pounds (GBP). Loomis is a midcap listed company on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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