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Applied DNA & Lancashire Constabulary recognised with policing award

APDN, provider of Loomis’ SigNature DNA security solutions, has announced that in partnership with the Lancashire Constabulary it has received the Excellence in Policing Award, to be presented at the National Policing Improvement Agency’s conference centre at Ryton-on-Dunsmore on September 21, 2010.

The award, for convictions based on forensic DNA evidence, is designed to promote the sharing of creative and innovative projects that are enhancing performance and productivity for the overall benefit of the UK police. 

In December 2008, a CIT robbery occurred in Lancashire, where a Loomis security van was attacked and a security guard was shot.  The award was given for both parties involvement in securing the convictions of the criminals who shot and wounded the security guard during the robbery.

APDN provides Loomis with its SigNature DNA technology, which is placed within the cash staining dye in its CIT boxes at the time of commissioning.  The Lancashire robbery involved a Loomis cash box fitted with the technology and the information content of the encrypted DNA absolutely identified the attached box and the date/time of the crime resulting in the successful convictions.

In 2009, £17.1m was stolen during 1,060 CIT (Cash-and-Valuables-in-Transit) robberies in the UK which accounts for 75.5% of all CIT robberies globally.

According to Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of APDN, ”We have successfully authenticated evidence in thirty-five different cases from multiple UK Police forces and have achieved a 100% success rate in linking submissions to dye stained stolen CIT. In the Lancashire investigation during which the security guard was shot, five defendants were convicted and jailed for over sixty years.”

Hayward continued; “All told, APDN’s customers enjoyed a 49% reduction in losses as a result of CIT offenses year-to-year while the UK industry as a whole saw a decrease in losses of only 34%.”

Neil Hunter, Lancashire Constabulary Detective Superintendant commented, “This is a testament to the groundbreaking forensic work with Applied DNA Sciences that inextricably linked the criminals to the DNA evidence recovered. We continue to work hard to catch and convict cash-in-transit criminals who have been marked with SigNature DNA.”

Tony Benson, Risk Director, Loomis UK stated, “The arsenal of forensic DNA capabilities that are being used on a daily basis should send a very strong message to criminals - if you rob Loomis, you will get caught and go to jail for a long time. We have access to an entire network comprising police and forensic CSI, and now cutting edge DNA technologies that can link individuals or organised groups to cash crimes committed. Our Zero Tolerance program is clearly removing the criminal element from the streets and keeping our employees and the general public safe.”

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