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The Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland, has announced that the Bank will unveil the design of the new five pound banknote on the 2nd of June 2016.
In her speech, at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London on the 10th of March, Victoria outlined the benefits of polymer banknotes and how businesses can best prepare for their introduction in September.
A new Clydesdale Bank £10 polymer note will go into production later this year and should be ready for circulation in 2017.
It features the Bard on the front and views of Edinburgh and its castle on the reverse.
Scientist Mary Somerville will be the first woman other than a royal to appear on a Royal Bank of Scotland banknote – but only after a steward’s inquiry over an apparent attempt to rig the vote.
Over 4,100 people voted via Facebook for Somerville, whose academic writing played a pivotal role in the discovery of the planet Neptune, to appear on a new £10 note.

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