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Research shows that the northern restaurant and bar scene continues to boom, growing by about 19% in 2019, compared to London which recorded only a third of that growth.

Now in it’s twentieth year, the Northern Restaurant and Bar exhibition is a focal point for this buoyant sector and provides a superb opportunity to meet and do business with over 8,300 hospitality professionals - so it’s only natural that Loomis is on the menu too!

Loomis, the UK’s premier cash management specialist, is already looking forward to 2020 and the annual Retail’s Best event, due to take place on 19th March at Chateau Impney in Worcestershire. Put together ‘by retailers, for retailers’, Retail’s Best brings together many leading suppliers with hundreds of independent businesses in the world of food service, convenience retailing, motor fuel retailing and retail technology.

Loomis is proud to be the exclusive ‘Secure Safe Cash Deposit Sub Partner’, an honour in itself since sub partners are carefully selected in accordance with the benefits of product, service or insights they can deliver to the event’s attendees who, likewise, are by invitation only.

Can you believe it - summer is here! And with it comes a huge number of festivals and other events to fill those (very!) warm sunshine-filled days and endless hazy evenings.
Of course, if you're an event organiser or vendor you may welcome the support that Loomis Special Services has to offer.

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