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With the dark days behind us and the evenings growing longer, spring is here and with it comes the promise of the endless hazy days and warm sunshine of the months that lie ahead - good times!
We can look forward to festivals and events of all shapes and sizes - from traditional country fetes to world-class sporting events or quiet, intellectual affairs - there’s something to suit every taste and interest.
Criminals are being warned that strong measures are in place to prevent Cash in Transit robberies in the run up to and during the Christmas period.
Police Forces across the UK are working with the industry to safeguard cash and valuable deliveries from criminals, during the festive season and are launching a joint operation to prevent robberies.
Traditionally, deliveries of cash to banks and businesses increase at this time of year, in line with demands placed by the spending public.
The Treasury is advising all cash-handling retailers and vending machine operators to be prepared for the new pound coin, which comes into circulation during March 2017.
After admitting the existing ones were easy to fake, the government announced its intention to introduce a “highly secure” £1 coin in 2014 and the Royal Mint has been working towards the new coin’s launch next year.

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