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The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has announced that J.M.W. Turner will appear on the next £20 banknote due to be issued by 2020.
At the announcement at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, the Governor also revealed the image of Turner that will be used on the note.
The Scottish author Nan Shepherd, who explored the Cairngorms in her classic text The Living Mountain, is to feature on the new RBS £5 note which will enter circulation later this year.
Shepherd was chosen by the Royal Bank of Scotland board after the scientist Mary Somerville was selected as the image for the Scottish £10 note by public vote. The new £5 note will enter circulation later this year, with the £10 to follow in 2017.
The new 12-sided UK £1 coin has gone into production in preparation for distribution next year.
The coins have started rolling off production lines at a rate of 4,000 a minute and will enter circulation in March 2017.

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