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The Treasury is advising all cash-handling retailers and vending machine operators to be prepared for the new pound coin, which comes into circulation during March 2017.
After admitting the existing ones were easy to fake, the government announced its intention to introduce a “highly secure” £1 coin in 2014 and the Royal Mint has been working towards the new coin’s launch next year.
Following the successful update of its SafePoint product range, Loomis has started working with customers to ensure they are leveraging the best solutions that the cash management specialist has to offer.
Users of the SafePoint solution have been offered the opportunity to review their current solution and compare it to the current versions.
From the 13th of September plastic banknotes made of polymer will be introduced in Britain.
The Bank of England recommends that everybody handling cash has familiarised themselves with the security features on the new notes before they come into circulation later this month.

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