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Zero Tolerance - Reach Out and reduce anti-social behaviour

The latest edition of Convenience Store magazine carries an interesting article on retailers who have reached out into the community with the aim of reducing anti-social behaviour and improving conditions for all.

The recent edition, dated Sept 16 to Sept 29 2011, carries the Zero Tolerance logo as part of Loomis UK's ongoing support of the campaign.

A digital edition of the magazine is now online and the article appears on page 27.

The Zero Tolerance anti-crime campaign, is a multi award-winning initiative with one objective, ensuring that retailers interests and profits are always protected.

Zero Tolerance - Reach Out article

The neighbourhood sector is quite possibly the most dynamic division within the grocery market and certainly one which falls foul of an increasingly high level of crime. Convenience Store magazine keeps its readership up-to-date on key acquisitions, mergers and appointments, together with changes to the wholesale and cash and carry marketplace. Every issue of Convenience Store contains business news, in-depth industry analysis and topical features which tackle the issues that convenience store owners face.

Loomis UK are not only committed to driving down crime and risk in retail through its day-to-day operation but, are pro-actively working with and supporting initiatives such as Zero Tolerance to stamp out retail crime for good.

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