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Yorkshire Police on the hunt for counterfeit cash

Two men are being sought by North Yorkshire Police regarding reports of counterfeit money being used in a pub in York, reports regional newspaper The Press.

The publication revealed that the pair were caught on camera in the drinking establishment in question and the force believe the men may be able to help them find out where the fake Scottish £20 notes came from.

Following the collection of cash from the premises, it was found that the money used by the gentlemen in The Lowther was counterfeit; although the police were quick to stress that the pair may not have realised this.

While no other incidents have been reported in the area, local businesses have been urged to be on the lookout for fake notes and CCTV images of the men have been published in the newspaper.

Furthermore, companies in the area could consider using a cash processing specialist, which could help them reduce their chances of falling victim to counterfeit cash.

Counterfeiting issues occur all over the country; as Shields Gazette recently reported on the case of Paul Woodley of South Shields, who was jailed for eight months this week for attempting to pay off his mortgage with fake £20 notes.

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