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Westfield Stratford City mall identified as Olympic terrorist target

Deliveries to the £1.25 billion Westfield Stratford City mall in East London could be a target for would-be terrorists, organisers of the London Olympics 2012 have warned.

Security advisers to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) believe that bombs could be placed on delivery vans entering the busy shopping centre this summer.

Therefore, reports that LOCOG is demanding that security patrols are ramped up at retail loading docks prior to their journeys.

An informant revealed to the publication: "Over the past few months all the companies have had to beef up security. The threat of someone planting a bomb on a lorry headed for the Olympic park is very real."

It is presumed that the Westfield's sheer size and proximity to several of the Games' key sites makes it an easy-target for terrorist activity.

Lying just 500 yards away from the Olympic stadium (even closer to the basketball and aquatics centres), the shopping mall is expected to welcome around 10 million guests this summer. It is also packed full of bars and restaurants in addition to shops.

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