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West Country hit by spread of counterfeit cash

Businesses and consumers from two West Country towns have been told to watch out for counterfeit cash after evidence of its use was discovered.

Two police forces have issued warnings for residents of Dorchester, Dorset, and Bridgwater, Somerset, after fake notes were used in shops across the areas. says members of the public have been told to be vigilant after receiving reports of counterfeit £20 notes being used in local stores.

PC Sean Cannon urged people to contact the police immediately with any information regarding the use of fake currency.

Mr Cannon said there are a few ways that Dorchester residents can spot whether a note is fake and should be aware of the steps to take.

According to Mr Cannon, checks should include assessing the quality of the print and going over the metallic thread, paper and raised print.  

Meanwhile, police in Bridgwater are appealing for information on a man wanted in connection with a fraud offence.

According to, a white man around the age of 25-years-old attempted to pay for items in a shop with counterfeit currency.

Businesses from the area could do worse than taking the advice issued just over an hour down the road, as Mr Cannon says: "I'd urge people to be vigilant and if you have been passed counterfeit money then contact police immediately."

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