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Wave of counterfeit £20 notes circulating through Suffolk

A wave of crimes across Suffolk involving counterfeit £20 notes has forced police to issue a public warning to all local businesses.

A number of small businesses in the county have been fooled into accepted the fake bank notes in exchange for goods and change in the past few days.

According to, counterfeit notes have reported in Beccles, Wangford, Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Walberswick, Eyke and Woodbridge. The majority of incidents involved individuals paying for small low-value items with the notes and receiving plenty of change.

Police have warned shopkeepers to keep a look-out for the fake bills, which are reportedly heavier and of a different texture to a standard £20 note.

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The Diss Express reported on one incident in particular, where staff realised that the notes were fake and did not accept them from their customer. However, there have been many more where businesses have accepted the notes and subsequently lost out on profits, so taking the appropriate security measures is crucial.

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