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Wave of counterfeit cash in Essex prompts police warning

Business owners across Essex have been warned to be on their guard and use proper cash management processes after fraudsters tried to pass off counterfeit notes in numerous locations around the county.

Shopkeepers in Maldon were the latest to be targeted after counterfeit notes were found to be in circulation across the district. Three businesses in the Mayland area were seen to have unwittingly taken the forgeries, including one restaurant, a Spar and a petrol garage, reports.

The garage which took the forged notes was owned by 49-year old Mohammad Nabi, who was scammed into accepting £100 worth of fakes made up of £10 and £20 imitations. Nabi did not realise at the time the notes were faked and the problem only came to light a number of days later when, trying to pay them in to the bank, the cashier informed him they were forged.

The development comes just days after police warned residents and businesses in nearby Basildon to be mindful, after it emerged a number of counterfeit notes had been circulated around the town, claims.

Locals were warned to keep an eye out for fake £20 notes as a group had used them to pay for a meal in the Honeypot Pub at Festival Leisure Park. Likewise, a nearby pharmacy which was also targeted by fraudsters with faked notes shortly afterwards.

Police have warned businesses to keep a close watch on their cash and report any concerns they may have regarding forgeries.

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