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UK working "closely" with USA ahead of Olympic Games

Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have developed a "close working relationship" with the UK's security officials ahead of the Olympics 2012.

According to a report from Sky News, the FBI will even send 500 special agents across next year in order to help the UK remain secure.

However, their role in the entire operation will be mostly be determined by the UK government.

Raymond Mey, an ex-FBI manager, explained just what the body could bring to the event: "The FBI has significant expertise in explosives, forensic evaluations of evidence ... the ability to reconstruct crime scenes. It has real specialist capability in behavioural analysis and in the handling of cyber security threats.

"I know that the US will be offering its expertise in these areas and, most importantly, be sharing timely intelligence with the British," he added.

Although companies can remain safe in the knowledge that the government is stepping up its security for next summer, they may still want to re-assess the efficiency of their own security procedures - like their cash transport or data protection processes. That way, they will be doubly protected against any security threats.

Mey's comments come not long after a government representative once again confirmed that the coalition is doing all it can to protect the nation.

Cited by, the spokesperson said: "Ministers and officials from across government are working closely with the police and LOCOG [the London Organising Committee] to ensure we have a robust safety and security strategy."

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