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UK Riots - Learning the lessons

As the horror of the recent riots fade, so retailers and businesses alike are left reviewing their processes and crisis management and implementing the lessons learnt.

In fairness, few could have predicted how horrifically social media and disgruntled individuals could have combined to produce such behaviour and its effects appalled almost everyone.

However, with events such as London’s forthcoming Olympics less than a year away, it has served to highlight once again how vital sound security procedures are within a business.

Business as usual for our customers

With looting rife during the rioting, a priority for Loomis was helping to protect retailers’ premises, staff and profit. This meant that despite the obvious disruption, cash collection in particular still had to be completed. Although this was inevitably a challenge, Loomis did it’s utmost to maintain a business as usual approach for clients.

In the words of Nathan Atterbury, Loomis Area Director for London and the South East;

“All of our operational Branches understand the importance of keeping our customers updated. We invoked our Incident Reporting tool, and provided a constant feed of information into our customer contacts. In many instances, our retail customers remarked that Loomis were keeping them informed well ahead of their own stores.”

“We worked closely with the police to understand the changing situation across the country, and deployed our own additional surveillance units to help safeguard our vehicles. It was critical to keep the balance between provision of an excellent service, whilst ensuring we were not taking unnecessary risk in relation to our employees or customer assets,” Atterbury continued.

The recent rioting is something that the UK will want to forget as soon as possible – for many however, the lessons learnt will be longer lasting.

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