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Two areas blighted by spreading of counterfeit cash

Shoppers and businesses in two separate areas have been warned to be vigilant after counterfeit notes were discovered by their respective constabularies.

Two men in Exeter have already been charged with having custody or control of £940 worth of fake currency, but police are still appealing for information from people who believe they have taken a counterfeit note.

However, while the charges against 18-year-old Alfonse Tourino and 25 year-old Faried Irani might put minds at rest in the South West, criminals are still at large in the Borough of Halton.

According to, local businesses in the area have been advised to check that all currency passing through their tills is genuine.

Halton & Warrington Trading Standards have told firms to check the metallic thread on their notes as well as their print quality.

Such incidents should serve as warnings to think about how well businesses are protected against the spread of counterfeit currency.

As reported by, the two criminals caught distributing cash in the South West, both reported to be from Portsmouth, have been charged under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act after police swooped to make their arrests last Monday (March 11th).

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