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Think about security this Christmas, urge police

Up and down the country police forces are advising business and home owners to keep their valuables out the sight of thieves this Christmas.

In Staffordshire, the local police force has begun its own clampdown against would-be burglars in the run up to Christmas, reports

Businesses are warned to keep their shop windows and doors secure, moving any highly priced valuables out of sight. Shops could bolster their security further by ensuring they have a cash and valuables in transit provider to provide support. This could be a wise option, considering that large amounts of cash are expected to change hands at this time of the year.

Staffordshire Police said that it is also to take a campaign mascot, Mr Snowman, to promote safe practices in the home this year.

"This campaign focuses minds on simple advice to stay safe throughout the celebrations," said chief superintendent Jon Drake, from Staffordshire Police. "We would urge residents and visitors alike to heed the guidance and enjoy all the festivities in safety."

Meanwhile, residents in Londonderry are being encouraged to look out for one another through Neighbourhood Watch schemes this Christmas, confirms

The Derry City Council Community Safety Partnership and the Londonderry District Policing Partnership (DPP) have joined forces to remind locals to lock doors and windows at every possible opportunity.

"So many thefts are assisted by doors, gates and windows being left open and I would urge people to lock everything up every time they leave home or their business," said councillor Thomas Conway, chairperson for the DPP.

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