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Thieves charged for supermarket cash box robbery

Two men have been charged in Ipswich after attacking a female security guard and making off with a cash box, reports.

The incident occurred on Saturday (7 July) morning, when a cash in transit security van drove up to a supermarket in Stoke Park Drive to make a delivery.

Police were called out at 11.27am to investigate reports that the cash box had been taken and the security guard had been knocked down. Fortunately, the guard was shaken but not injured.

The cash box was later discovered in a location close to the robbery; reports imply that the hapless thieves we unable to open it to retrieve the contents. Naturally, the police pursued their enquiries and their persistence lead to the arrest of two men who were found not far from the scene of the crime.

The first arrest was made at Ipswich Docks, only 30 minutes after the robbery took place. The second man was located at a house in Ipswich later on Saturday evening. They have been named as 21-year old Nico Hurd and 18-year old Jordan Bernard, according to

Both men have been charged and detained in police custody, ahead of an appearance before South East Suffolk Magistrates Court which is scheduled for this morning (9 July).

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