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The Paralympics are underway

The Paralympics has got under way following Wednesday's night spectacular opening ceremony with the GB team aiming to win a record 103 medals.

There are 28 golds on offer on Thursday in cycling, judo, powerlifting, shooting and swimming.

The Queen declared the London 2012 Paralympics officially open on Wednesday, during a spectacular opening ceremony watched by 80,000 spectators.

More than 11 million people watched it on television, Channel Four's biggest audience in a decade and four times the number that watched the opening of the Beijing Paralympics in 2008.

Wheelchair basketball, shooting, swimming and track cycling are among the events set to feature on the opening day.

BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury at the ExCel said: "This vast airport terminal of a building, which lay hushed for a little more than two weeks is alive again the sound of sport, cheers and popular music. The Paralympics is in town."

Following the success of the Olympics, 2.4 million tickets have been sold and it could be the first Paralympics to sell out.

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