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The Exit List hits screens tonight at 8pm

A new show, The Exit List comes to ITV1 on Tuesday 10th January 2012 at 8pm.

With a host of other TV work now in the portfolio, including The Million Pound Drop, Loomis are delighted to provide Cash In Transit services for the new ITV show.

Presented by Matt Allwright, a pair of contestants descend into a giant 26 room maze. Every room contains an amount of cash, but one room, deep in the maze, holds £100,000.

The Exit List - Matt Allwright

 The trouble is, the further the contestants go in, the harder it is to get out – because to escape with the money, they must remember The Exit List.

In each room, the contestants must answer a question with four possible answers. Get the question right, they pocket the cash and only that answer appears on The Exit List. Get it wrong, and all four answer options go on The Exit List. And the immediate way ahead is blocked.

When their memories can take no more, the contestants turn back but to escape with the money they must remember their exact route out and every single answer on their Exit List.

Speaking about presenting the show Matt Allwright says “I have the time of my life presenting The Exit List. What could be more fun than finding really nice, funny people, and trying to give them enough to pay off their mortgage, or start a home together?”

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