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Spring is here and Loomis Special Services are ready!

With the dark days behind us and the evenings growing longer, spring is here and with it comes the promise of the endless hazy days and warm sunshine of the months that lie ahead - good times!

We can look forward to festivals and events of all shapes and sizes - from traditional country fetes to world-class sporting events or quiet, intellectual affairs - there’s something to suit every taste and interest.

Foodies can sink their teeth into culinary delights at the Essex Festival of Food & Drink, whilst real ale drinkers can sup a full-flavoured pint at the Great British Beer Festival - or perhaps you’d rather rock your socks off at the Download Festival.

The opportunities for good times and the range of events is staggering and it promises to be another ‘epic’ summer!

Loomis Special Services

But let’s just for a moment consider the gargantuan efforts of the marshals, organisers and vendors who make those events possible. The months of planning during the dark winter months, culminating in a few days of extremely stressful hard work to deliver an event that tens of thousands can enjoy and tell stories about for the next 12 months!

It’s not just them either - staff at Loomis will also be busily supporting every one of our customers with their cash management needs – particularly our Special Services team.

Whether it is delivering floats prior to ‘curtains up’ or collecting hard-earned takings at the agreed time from a local festival, the team will work tirelessly to get cash safely to the bank while mitigating any risk of loss along the way.

With every event facing its own unique challenges, the team work to plan bespoke collections or deliveries that factor in the event’s location, required timings, or customer cash demand.

With a wealth of experience in supporting thousands of customers, each one with specialist transport and logistics challenges, the Special Services team work to a model that meets client requirements while also maximising security.

Of course, ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ and our team know that anything from local traffic diversions surrounding the event grounds to security intelligence at the venue, can force impromptu changes. Thankfully all our customers trust and appreciate our flexible and dynamic approach – that’s usually why they work with us.

They can be assured that Loomis Special Services will not only work with them to develop a solution that meets their needs but also ensures that the public are never placed in danger and usually they don’t even know we are there!

So, as you’re sipping your beer this summer, tapping your toes to the jazz scene in Bristol or thrashing an air-guitar at Donington Park – please give a thought to those that make those events possible - the hard work and the planning that help you make your memorable moments!

And of course to the Loomis Special Services team who help make sure that all that hard work pays … literally too!   

Enjoy your summer - and find out more about Loomis Special Services.

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