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Specialist cash collections for events – and much more

Over the coming months, thousands of local events will keep millions of people entertained. From fairs, bonfires and fireworks to festive markets, pantomimes and ice-skating rinks; throughout autumn and winter there’s an endless variety of events to entertain, amuse and thrill.

Of course, it won’t just be time spent at these events – attendees will also spend their cash. And for organisers and vendors, this will bring challenges that they may appreciate specialist support with.

Whether it’s a large event, festival or small local show, Loomis Special Services can deliver floats directly to site or safely transport cash takings to the bank – providing cash processing services along the way!

Loomis Special Services

Loomis Special Services understand that events present hard-working organisers and vendors with a seemingly-endless list of things to do; there’s lots to organise before the event even starts.

And once it does, there can be many more challenges - thankfully, with the support of Loomis Special Services, the cash-related ones can be anticipated and dealt with.

  • Cash in Transit - Reduce opportunity for theft and mitigate risk. Secure collection of your cash and safely transported to your bank, on a schedule to meet your specific needs. Eliminate staff trips to the bank, protect your revenue and reduce risk to your staff and to the general public.
  • Float Delivery - When customers spend cash you may have to give them change - ensuring you have enough at all times is crucial. Order your notes and coin in advance and Loomis Special Services will deliver it exactly when you need it - direct to site.
  • Cash Processing - With a network of specialist centres across the UK, Loomis Special Services can collect your cash, count and reconcile it before safely depositing it into your bank account. As you’d expect this includes counterfeit detection and comprehensive reporting.

Loomis Special Services treat every event, vendor and collection as unique and take an innovative approach to delivering secure cash in transit services. They’re adept at ensuring compliance with the very specific requirements of hundreds of clients and count flexibility as one of their greatest strengths. They organise thousands of bespoke collections and deliveries annually, dealing with a vast range of locations, timings and other criteria.

Perfect for event organisers, jewellers, caterers and a host of other organisations with very specific requirements, Loomis Special Services provide secure, efficient and tracked logistics – from high value bullion, cash, valuable or vulnerable goods transport, to cash services and international logistics solutions.

Above all, every customer knows that their risk and costs are fully managed by a reputable and professional organisation. They know that from the moment it’s collected, until safely delivered, their cash is indemnified by Loomis - one less thing to worry about and real peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more, have an event you need support with or have any other logistics challenges involving the transport or storage of cash or any valuable, please contact Loomis Special Services.

And don’t forget to wrap up warm!

Outside event
cash services

If you are staging a large event or a small, local show we can deliver and collect cash from the site – and supply cash processing services as needed.
High value bullion, cash or valuables & transport

From gold and jewellery to credit cards, mobile phone top-up cards and store vouchers – we can transport valuables anywhere in the world.
Valuable / vulnerable
goods storage

With secure warehousing facilities across the UK, we can keep your valuables safe and sound, properly managed and carefully distributed.
Large collections
and deliveries

No matter how large your delivery, we can handle it – we have a fleet that ranges from 3.5 tonne vans through to 44 tonne articulated vehicles.
Secure data collection,
delivery and destruction

If you need to transport data securely or destroy it so that it can never be accessed again, we have the expertise to do it for you – fast.
European & international
courier services

From vulnerable and valuable goods to single documents, we’ll get your delivery there safely and on time.

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