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Security worries dismissed by Jeremy Browne

Jeremy Browne, the foreign affairs minister, has dismissed any security concerns the world has over the upcoming Olympic Games.

Speaking to the Karnataka Badminton Association in India while on diplomatic visit, Browne stated that the government has done all it can to ensure the event remains secure; hopefully meaning the Olympics 2012 will go off without a hitch.

He also revealed some other insights into the preparation for the sporting event, which were published by Browne confirmed: "We are ready to go. We are ready to host the event tomorrow."

"The stadiums have all been completed well in advance. Only temporary arrangements for conducting events like the marathon need to be finished. The Olympics is a big, complicated event to host," the MP said.

He wasn't the only person to praise the UK's pre-emptive attitude towards the Games, as the well-known badminton player Prakash Padukone also made his thoughts clear at the same event at the KBA.

Padukone said he feels Britain is excellent at arranging larger sporting events, referring to Wimbledon as a prime example. In fact, the sporting legend proclaimed: "All England... are well-managed sporting events [sic]."

The comments from both men may well ease any fears the world has over the security aspects of this summer's Games, particularly given Browne's overwhelming confidence in our government's abilities.

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