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Security forces gear up for Exercise Olympic Guardian

Security officers in London and Weymouth are gearing up for a security exercise in preparation for the London Olympics 2012, reports.

So far, much of the Olympic security has focused on London, with recent reports claiming that a surface-to-air high-velocity missile unit will be placed on the roof of a residential block of flats in East London.

This week, however, takes security forces out of the capital to Weymouth, where many of the water-based events are set to be held.

Exercise Olympic Guardian is set to take place between the 2nd and 10th of May in both London and Weymouth. The operation will cover all security aspects, including land, sea and air. A large variety of security capabilities are set to be tested in order to give one of the most complete profiles of how security is shaping up to date.

In a statement printed on, the RAF said that its own operations over London and the Home Counties will also give pilots experience of flying in this airspace and what to expect come the summer Games.

Security teams are also set to run through operations at different times of day to give them yet more experience.

They have, however, pledged to keep disturbance to a minimum and will try not to work late at night in a bid to prevent too much disturbance to local residents.

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