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SBCC to release monthly business security advice in 2012

Businesses will be offered security advice throughout 2012 thanks to a year-long campaign by the Scottish Business Crime Centre (SBCC).

According to Info4Security, each month will see a different theme explored by the organisation, including guidance relating to smartphones, emails, metal theft and bogus callers.

The emphasis on potential theft might well also encourage firms to revisit their cash management and building security strategies too.

The project, entitled 'Make One Change', should allow enterprises to become more secure by the end of the year, claimed SBCC director Mandy Haeburn-Little. She said the "simple, regular updates" were created in response to feedback received from businesses around Scotland.

Haeburn-Little said: "Every day we see companies suffer as a result of them not taking fairly straightforward steps and introducing processes and procedures which could make all the difference in reducing business risks."

Perpetuity Research highlighted how the theme of Make One Change in March is mobile phone security, with interested parties able to download articles, fact sheets and surveys on the topic from the SBCC website.

Gary Ritchie, a police officer and assistant director at SBCC, pointed out that mobile devices allow for greater levels of business productivity - but that the data they hold must be properly protected.

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