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Sales on high street grow at fastest pace since June 2012

High-street sales continued to grow strongly in the year to September, at the fastest pace since June 2012, according to the latest CBI monthly Distributive Trades Survey.

This is the third consecutive month of growth, which was broad-based across a number of sectors and showed furniture & carpets, department stores, recreational good retailers and grocers all performed strongly.

Elsewhere, the pace of growth in wholesaling picked up markedly, with 50 per cent of wholesalers stating that their sales volumes were up, while 10 per cent said they were down, giving a balance of +40 per cent - the strongest pace of growth since June 2013.

Most sub-sectors saw growth, with clothing, textiles & footwear posting 56 per cent growth.

Only food & drink saw a decline in sales (-13 per cent), marking the first year-on-year fall since May. Retail sales are expected to grow robustly again in October.

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