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RISK UK - Protecting the money movers


Each year, the Cash and Valuables In Transit (CVIT) industry transports around £500 billion, equivalent to £1.4 billion per day, by around 8000 couriers using a fleet of some 4000 vehicles.

The September edition of RISK UK contains an article entitled "Protecting the money movers" and takes a detailed look at the industry and what many consider to be the most dangerous role for a security officer.

The article was written in conjunction with Loomis UK and provides insight into the industry, the current crime statistics and the industry's endeavours to combat it.

The article draws on the findings of research commissioned by the Home Office and BSIA CVIT section, and conducted by the Jill Dando Institute.

The report showed that CVIT crime is not an isolated crime and often involves multiple offenders engagine in an array of criminal activity in the preparation, acting out and aftermath of an attack.

Additionally Loomis have placed an informative article on the Olympic preparations - found on pages 36 and 37.

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