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"No specific threat" to Games says defence minister

Defence secretary, Philip Hammond has assured the public that there is no terror threat to the London Olympics 2012, reports.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Hammond confirmed that he now wanted the military presence to "fade into the background" and not dominate the sporting event, after security exercises took place in order to prepare for any potential dangers arising.

A week of 'highly visible exercises' in six built-up areas included the testing of air defence missile systems across London, RAF Typhoon jets taking to the skies and HMS Ocean sailing in to Greenwich.

Mr Hammond told the presenter: "We want it to be a festival of sport and of culture, but the military will be there and we want people to know that the military are there in the background to provide ultimate reassurance."

The RAF's Olympic Games defence operations, which are in addition to those which already exist, will mean that the 30 miles of airspace encircling the Olympic Park would be considered a 'restricted flying zone'. There will also be a greater provision of ground radar systems.

That being said, Mr Hammond, according to, was keen to assert that security measures would not 'diminish from the atmosphere' but were simply standard - following in the footsteps of every Games since that held in Atlanta in 1996.

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