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Public urged to watch out for ATM tampering in Cornwall

Police in Cornwall are warning people to be careful when withdrawing money, as some cash machines across the region have been tampered with, BBC News reports.

Following the discovery that sophisticated criminal technology has been implanted into some cash dispensers, the police are appealing for any suspicious activity to be reported.

Tiny cameras and card reading devices have been found in machines in Launceston, Truro and Penzance which could potentially record personal details.

The machine in Launceston had been fitted with a card reading device, which obtained information from the cash card's magnetic strip. Additionally, a tiny strip of plastic had been adhered to the machine inside which was a microscopic camera that could record customers inputting their PIN on the keypad.

For secure money withdrawals, Inspector Dave Meredith gave this advice via This Is Cornwall: "Before inserting your card, please check for hidden cameras and check the area housing the card slot for any device that may have been attached."

While not wishing to discourage people from using cash machines, Inspector Meredith emphasised that this sort of tampering is usually associated with criminal gangs and "seldom occur in isolation".

"ATMs are there for our convenience and we don't want to put people off using them," he added. "However we do advise vigilance when using these machines."

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