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Portsmouth businesses warned over counterfeit currency

Businesses in Portsmouth have been advised by the local police force to be on the lookout for any counterfeit cash being distributed within the local area.

According to, retailers in the region have been targeted by those circulating counterfeit cash in recent days. At least four Iceland stores have been targeted, as well as Leigh Park's Greywell Shopping Centre.

The incidents have all been similar, with a man attempting to pay for his items with a fake £20 note. Luckily, staff within the stories had spotted the currency and kept hold of it. Although it is still not known whether each of the incidents are related, a similar event took place back in December 2012 - wherein a woman also tried to pay with fake money.

As such, the area's police force has warned businesses to be on guard. Detective Constable Peter Bambury, part of Fratton's CID, explained: "A glut of fake cash has appeared in the Waterlooville and Havant area. I have received another three reports in the past week. It appears that a chap has entered stores and handed over fake £20 notes to pay for goods.

"The currency is quite convincing. We are urging people to be vigilant of fake notes and always check their cash," he added. Businesses may also consider using a cash processing specialist to count and validate their takings, in order to increase their protection against fraudulent behaviour.

The warning comes not long after Bambury explained that those involved within the incidents may not realise they were dealing with counterfeit currency. revealed that he was adamant that he simply wanted to trace them down in order to further his investigation into the fake cash.

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