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Pop-up stores provide key to galvanising the high street

Pop-up stores could be the solution to getting the economy moving again, says the co-founder of Startup Britain.

Emma Jones, who helped to launch the UK's first experimental pop-up store in Surrey, believes the idea could be a great way to fill the huge amount of vacant shops on Britain's high streets.

The concept involves businesses leasing a property for a fortnight or similarly short period.

These businesses, which may have previously only operated from home or online, would have plenty of work to do - including the design of their store and the organisation of secure cash transport - but many have welcomed the opportunity to market themselves to a new audience at an affordable price.

Following the success of the pilot in Richmond, Jones now wants to introduce pop-up stores all over the UK.

She told "Over the past 10 weeks we have welcomed a variety of tenants to the first PopUp shop, from chocolate makers to fashion designers, and it's been a privilege to see how they have maximised the opportunity to make sales, test the market and meet customers face to face.

"For small businesses, PopUp Britain represents a cost-effective and powerful route to market and for landlords, an opportunity to generate income and bring activity to formerly vacant sites." reports that national roll-out of the scheme is expected to take place within the next three months.

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