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Police seek to protect truckers using cash-in-transit security measures

Police in the West Midlands are looking to the cash-in-transit transport industry to help combat crime against lorry-drivers.

According to, lorry-jacking is big problem in areas of the West Midlands, including Staffordshire and West Mercia, where police are looking to other vehicle security industries for answers about how to tackle the problem.

PC Steve Rounds, of the Central Motorway Police Group, explained that lorries using the same technologies as cash and valuables in transit providers might stand a better chance than those which don't.

"What we need really is a vehicle fitted with security systems like you'd have on a cash-in-transit truck but that we can monitor and we can have teams ready to move in when crimes are detected and arrest the offenders," said PC Rounds, referring to technologies such as silent alarms, secure access storage areas and CCTV.

PC Rounds added that by employing these measures, the information would seep through to organised crime gangs "that the police are doing something about truck crime", potentially putting them off an attempted robbery.

In the UK as a whole, goods worth £25 million were stolen from trucks in 2010, according to the latest national figures from The issue is compounded however in remote locations such as the West Midlands, where truckers are often left alone and far from civilisation.

With trucks carrying goods up to several hundred thousand pounds in value, they are an extremely attractive target, said PC Rounds.

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