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Police appeal for robbery information

A large quantity of cash was stolen from a cash in transit vehicle after 'gun-wielding' robbers forced the van's security guards inside a building and left them locked inside, reports.

Two armed robbers forced the guards into the Burnham High Street branch of the Nationwide Building Society on June 7th, just after 9pm. They then stole a cassette box which was being delivered to the building society, containing an undisclosed sum of money.

The thieves left the guards locked in the building while they made their getaway unseen.

Consequently, with little detail to work with, the local police force is appealing for any information that could help catch the cruel perpetrators. Investigating the crime, Burnham CID Detective Constable Gareth Nicholson told that he wanted to hear from anyone who may have witnessed any men behaving suspiciously in the area before or after the time of the robbery.

Reports that the two robbers had brandished guns - allegedly a shotgun and a handgun - make the appeal even more urgent. Fortunately, Det Con Nicholson added, the cash in transit security guards did not sustain any injuries, although they were "left shaken by the incident."

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers.

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